Popdose Flashback '90: Social Distortion, "Social Distortion" | Popdose


I contributed the latest installment of our Popdose Flashback ’90 series. My article recalls the 1990 major label debut of Social Distortion:

“For some people, Social Distortion is the very definition of a rock and roll band. After all, they have everything the average rock fan could ask for – the sizzling electric guitars; the pounding drums and thudding bass; the seamless blend of rockabilly, country, and punk influences; the lyrics about hard-bitten loners, hopeless losers, broken-hearted lovers, and working class heroes. The tattoos. The thing is, if everyone who says that they’re into Social D, and throws up the two-fingered “RAWK!!!” sign every time their name is mentioned was actually a fan, the band would be more than the cult (albeit a large cult) band that they are.”

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