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Let’s face it, being the opening act on a show is a pretty thankless job. Yes, it does give an artist an opportunity to reach an audience that she otherwise could not reach, but more often than not, that audience doesn’t care to listen. It’s rare indeed when an opening act manages to cut through the ennui (and sometimes outright hostility) and impress an audience. So a couple of years ago when I went to Atlantic City to see Justin Currie on his first solo US tour a couple, I really had no expectations, and even less interest in the opening act, a singer/songwriter by the name of Angie Mattson. As you’ve probably figured out by now, it turned out to be one of those rare nights. Mattson delivered a memorable set under difficult circumstances, and made a bunch of new fans.

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CD Review: Angie Mattson, "Skeleton Arm" | Popdose

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