CD Review: Everest, "On Approach" | Popdose


My review of the new Everest album, On Approach, was posted to Popdose this morning:

“A funny thing happened to Everest on the road to releasing their second album. The plan was to release the album on Vapor Records, just as they had released their 2008 album,
Ghost Notes. Suddenly a sort of ’stop the presses’ e-mail appeared in my inbox shortly before the April 20 release date. It seems that Everest had a very successful SXSW showcase, so successful in fact that it resulted in the band jumping to Warner Brothers Records with their new album On Approach, which caused the album to be delayed for a few weeks. It’s here now though, and it’s living proof that once in awhile even the major record labels make a smart decision. Now we can only hope that the new album gets the marketing push that it so richly deserves.”

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