CD Review: Dr. Dog, "Shame, Shame" | Popdose


My review of the new Dr. Dog album, Shame, Shame, has been posted to Popdose:

“I like the good old three chord rock and roll as much as any other jaded music writer does. But I also like innovation. I love hearing young bands trying out new things. And no, a bunch of synthesizers playing over drum loops are not what I would call new things. For several years, and over the course of several albums, I’ve been trying to cozy up to Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog because they are clearly an innovative young band who, while they respect the value of a great song, seem to always be looking for new ways to present it. Unfortunately, I have found that to this point the magic has proved elusive for them when it comes to their studio work. I saw their live show a couple of years ago and loved it. I just couldn’t connect with the albums. I recognized and respected what they were up to, but it all seemed just a little precious to me. The effort that they spent making it look effortless was simply too obvious.”

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