Soul Serenade: The Magnificent Men, "Peace of Mind"


My latest Soul Serenade column for Popdose features the Magnificent Men with their hit single “Peace of Mind”:

“When I first encountered the legend of the Magnificent Men, it was like something out of a movie. According to the story, this group of white kids from Harrisburg and York, PA were booked to play at the famous Uptown Theater in Philadelphia, a prime stop on what was called the “chitlin’ circuit” back in the day. Since the venue generally booked African-American artists, and given the sound of the band on record and radio, the audience had every expectation that they were there to see a band that was, well, black. When the curtain rose, revealing the band, I imagine a hush fell over the crowd, just as it did in the
Buddy Holly Story. The legend goes on to say that the band earned seven encores that night.”

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